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Family Friendly Cities

Promoting cities that are well designed for people of all ages!

Action Areas

+ Urban Ag Support Services

Getting food and jobs closer to where people live is a priority.

This includes aquaculture, aquaponics, hydroponics, aeroponics, controlled environment, and indoor ag many of which support circular economies.

Similar to real estate or housing developers, we need urban ag developers. We are not big enough to fund developments yet, but do offer services such as the following to help facilitate urban ag projects.

Example Services: "siting", zoning, 2&3D visualizations, equipment/site layout, ...

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+ Young Ideas: Introduction to Architecture and Design Competition

Our youth are integral to our city and society, but rarely asked for their input for designing cities.

Our youth engagement includes teaching an Introduction to Architecture and SketchUp classes and our marquee event, the Denver Metro City Design Competition. The classes help the students to learn SketchUp and to see if a career in architecture may interest them.

2015 Competition
2014 Winners
Arch Classes

+ Architecture Services

Jenny is a licensed architect and LEED AP. She listens closely to the client and likes to include sustainability in eye catching, but affordable designs.

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+ City Scorecard

The city scorecard uses data from the internet to quickly evaluate a city's family friendliness. Data is collected for 36 topics within 12 categories.

The scorecard can help cities to recognize strengths and to prioritize areas of improvement.

Rankings for 50 largest U.S. Cities
Rankings for Colorado Cities

+ Life Diagrams: Intergenerational Communication

The family is the key building block for a sustainable city.

The Life Diagram is a great tool to promote intergenerational communication and to help build strong families. Parents can learn more about their young kids and kids/grown adults can learn more about their parents and grandparents.

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