LSV (Low Speed Vehicles) for Public Transporation

Author: HLP

Scorecard Categories Addressed

  • Cost of Living
    • Overall Cost of Living
  • Transportation
    • Walkability
    • Commute to Work Method
  • Resources
    • Air Quality

Solution Description

Create a LSV "district".

In an area with stores, parks, and potentially other public amenities such as libraries and city offices, create a more walkable area so that the area becomes more of a gather place.

Try to move the car parking to the outer edge and try to discourage car travel. Replace the car travel with Complete Streets and an electric local LSV taxi system.

Ideally, the taxis will have family friendly rates such as $1/adult/one way trip with kids being free when accompanied by a paying adult.

Potential Implementation Details:

  • At taxi cab pickup locations, have a smartphone scannable label that notifies the taxi company that a patron is waiting.
  • Create a smart phone app, so that the patron can request a taxi. The GPS within the smart phone would automatically notify the taxi cab company of the patron's location

The following are a few of the many options that are available for multi-passenger LSVs that a city can choose from, depending on the image that the city would like to create:

Basic Multi-Passenger:

LSV1a LSV1b ($9300)

Solar Powered:

LSV2 ($9400)

Feeling of Luxury:

LSV3 ($14,000)

ADA Approved:

LSV5 ($25,000)

Fully Enclosed:

LSV4 ($23,000)

Stakeholder Impact

All People
Lower emissions
Lower noise
Safer walking environment from fewer cars

Families with Young Kids
Easier access to a wider array of stores, parks and other city resources.

Easier access to a wider array of stores, parks and other city resources.

Creation of a gathering place.
Increased density of businesses (parking moved to outer portions of the LSV district) and increased sales tax.

Increased number of "slow moving" shoppings ... compared to fast moving car passengers.
Higher profits as higher percent of property is dedicated to income generation and not to parking.

Additional Information

Summary of LSV Rules for Each State:

Federal Rules and Definition for LSVs:

Problem Motivation

This toolkit entry was motivated by a city with limited downtown parking that wanted to maintain a small town feel.