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Families are Essential for Cities

Cities too relaxed towards investing in families are losing their child population and economic opportunities to neighboring cities. Cities most motivated to invest in families typically fall into two categories: high percent of residents represent family households or the city is in a state of decline with school enrollment falling, businesses closing, and tax base shrinking.

The Human Life Project® promotes cities to proactively work on identifying and reversing negative trends before they become big problems, and to build a lasting legacy by investing in families, designing for youngest to oldest resident.

The Human Life Project® research has identified 11 truths about cities.

  1. Cities thrive with a balance of ages and incomes.
  2. Growth occurs where young families are moving in.
  3. Cities with a small percent of 3+ bedroom homes will struggle to attract families.
  4. Cities with few children must rely on new people moving to fill vacant housing.
  5. School quality will either attract or cause families to move out of city.
  6. Good jobs are vital to supporting families.
  7. Cities in a metropolitan region are typically strong in jobs or family housing, but not both.
  8. Affordable living is more than affordable housing.
  9. Retail and services locate closest to their strongest consumer base: families.
  10. Older adults enjoy better services and community engagement by living in neighborhoods with families.
  11. The family support structure is linked to the human sustainability of the city.