Family spiral pattern Family archway Chilren enter our families

Human Family

The spiral pattern, overlaid on a family reunion photo with five generations present, represents the continuation of the human family. The first circles symbolize immediate family members, followed by extended family. The pattern expands to include friends, neighbors, and community members. Ultimately, the human family circles multiply, connecting citizens from each nation around the world. The Human Life Project explores the fundamental role of the family in sustaining human life.

Natural and Social Environment

The family is often overlooked as the driving force in sustaining our communities. Government entities and commercial businesses are usually the targeted audience to integrate green technologies to improve the human condition. However, engaging the family has local and global possibilities beyond the natural environment.

European countries are experiencing dramatic population decline, while at the same time being considered leaders in the implementation of environmental initiatives. Is a "green" city or nation with negative population growth sustainable?

Strengthen Relationships: Life Commitment

The Human Life Project is exploring the connection of commitment level in relationships to build a thriving community and family life. Three levels of commitment are defined within the scope of the Human Life Project: compatibility, performance, and life commitment. The compatibility and performance commitment models place certain stipulations on the longevity and personal investment in the relationship. Life commitment is viewed as permanent and, as a result, exhibits the greatest potential in sustaining multiple generations.

Learning from past relationship experiences can be of great value to guide future decisions as well as assist the next generation to form strong enduring relationships. The human relationship commitment models can also be applied towards the mentality in caring for the natural and built surroundings.

The Human Life Project will incorporate the following family and social environment related topics: human relationships, commitment, marriage, parenthood, children, fertility, demographics/population, human life development, and life diagrams.