Example Services

The following are example services offered by HLP. Contact us for availability. Prices are subject to change.

Family Friendly City Scorecard

The scorecard is a quick data driven way to analyze a city in 12 categories: Community, Education, Culture, Recreation, Housing, Employment, Cost of Living, Services, Transportation, Safety, Health Care, and Resources

The goal is to motivate cities to acknowledge existing strengths and to prioritize improving weaknesses thereby becoming better designed for all ages.


  • Comparison to other cities
  • Report for a single city

$150/city - bulk discounts possible

See the 'City Scorecard' pull down tab for more details and examples.

Introduction to Architecture and SketchUp

This is an introduction to Architectural principles and how to use SketchUp (free 2D and 3D modeling software). Students typically range from 10 - 17 years old.

Classes are once per week for 1 hour.

Jenny Ranville, licensed Architect, LEED AP, teaching K-12 strudents since 2009

$30/student/month, Class size: Minimum = 7, Maximum = 10
Individual classes for $50/hr.
Internet classes are possible

2013-14 School Year Schedule:

For additional information see 'Arch Classes' under the 'Young Ideas' pull down tab

Life and Group Diagrams

Life Diagrams is a great communication tool to help both individuals and groups to start telling their story.


  • Parents to better understand young kids
  • Illustrate to kids how certain negative events are not "major" when considering one's entire life and that life is full of ups and downs
  • Adults to better understand parents and grandparents great starter for grandkids to learn about grandparents
  • Dating or married couples
  • Teambuilding and internal feedback for businesses
  • Feedback for city from citizens

$125/hr for facilitated meetings (+ travel costs)

See the 'Life Diagrams' tab for more details and examples of individual Life Diagrams.

Architectural Consulting Services

Low cost architectural drawing services for conceptual drawings and DIY residential projects.

Full architectural services with stamped drawings available in the state of Colorado


  • Space planning (make more efficient use of spaces)
  • Additions and New Construction
  • Site and landscaping plans
  • "Mountain" get-a-ways
  • 3D visualizations
  • Conceptual drawings for a city or business project

Every project requires a custom quote. A starting point is $500/"sheet", but could be higher or lower depending on the project complexity

See the 'Home Design' tab for more details and examples of individual Life Diagrams.

Conceptual Drawing of Charging Station