Human Life Project® Founder Jennifer Ranville


Jennifer Ranville is an architect and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited professional for green building. She ia a graduate of the University of Michigan with a Masters in Architecture, emphasis in environmental design. Professional experience includes working four years for RNL Design in Denver, a leader in the west for sustainable architecture. Jennifer combines a deep appreciation for the built, natural, and social surroundings in her work as the founder of the Human Life Project®

A passion for travel continues to broaden her awareness of people living in a variety of communities in North America and Europe. She resides with her husband and children near Denver, frequenting the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Jenniferís core message is designing cities for the youngest to the oldest resident.

Scott Ranville has a Masters degree from the University of Michigan. Professional experience includes research and creating innovative tools, resulting in a new way of developing embedded software. Scott worked in the Research division of Ford Motor Company. Subsequently, he started and runs a successful consulting company.

This research and business background are now applied to planning initiatives in the Human Life Project®. Goals include creating enlivened, strong, sustainable communities by finding data driven, innovative, cross-disciplinary solutions.